How to maintain the reaction kettle

  Laboratory reactor has the advantages of simple operation, convenient use, compact structure, convenient taking and placing. In industrial production, used for chemical reaction container! Like every kind of, used for a variety of different reaction conditions! On the material, temperature, pressure and other indicators also according to the specific needs and change,overall, kettle is shorter, thicker! There are synthetic tower, in fact, action and reaction kettle, but the tower is comparatively small diameter long HISTEP!

Because it is easy and the internal medium pressure it reacts violently so is more dangerous reaction vessel. But the laboratory reactor maintenance has become a headache, laboratory reactor to maintain?

1, should be strictly in accordance with product nameplate on the calibration of the working pressure and working temperatureoperation, so as to avoid danger.

2, strict compliance with the product instruction manual on cooling, laboratory reactor oiling such regulations, do well the maintenance of equipment and maintenance.

3, all valves when in use, should be a slowly rotating valve stem ( needle ), pressure tight cover, reach the sealing effect. When closed is not easy too hard, so as not to damage the sealing surfaces.

4, electrical control instrument by hand operation, laboratory reactor and in accordance with the provisions set overload protection device.

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